Colors, Swatches Gradients

Apply Color

This is an extremely valuable page at the Adobe site. Be sure to use the ON THIS PAGE Menu to Cycle through all of the color options:

Select text with text tool or object(s) with selection tool before trying to apply changes

This page link covers applying color via the

(1) Toolbox (fill box and stroke box)
(2) Swatches panel Menu bar>Window>Color>Swatches
(3) the Color panel Menu bar>Window>Color>Color
(4) Color Picker double-click fill box or stroke box in Toolbox
(5) Control panel
(6) the Eyedropper tool tool box



Spot and Process Colors


Change these settings from the swatches panel.

Choose the Swatches menu and then find the Color Mode. The top two choices are RGB and CMYK. More on these color settings:

The Color Panel

  1. window>Color>Color


  1. Choose Window > Color > Swatches.
  2. Next, from the Swatches Panel Menu, choose New Color Swatch...
  3. In the Color Mode: dropdown box choose the PANTONE library that you need.
  4. Choose the color you need.


Swatch Library

You can't load a swatch library in the same way as Illlustrator:

Mixed Inks

InDesign Level 1